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A balance of top notch products and correct strategies are pivotal for ours and any business.

Behind every brand is a story of passion and perseverance that has strived from a need to solve and address certain issues. At Eskayvie, meet the people who have made health, beauty, and wellness a pivotal focal point behind business developments.

The Man behind the Products

Dr. Syid Ayob Mustafa Al-Qudri

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Syid Ayob Syid Mustafa Al-Qudri merupakan insan hebat di sebalik penghasilan pelbagai produk berkualiti tinggi keluran Eskayvie. Anak tempatan berjiwa besar ini menggunakan kepakarannya selama lebih 20 tahun di dalam bidang perubatan moden, alternatif dan anti penuaan di dalam memformulasikan produk-produk terbaik Eskayvie. Berbekalkan pengalaman luas di dalam bidang perubatan sepanjang berkhidmat di Hospital Pulau Pinang dan Hospital Kangar, Perlis, Dr Syid Ayob Syid Mustafa Al Qudri turut terlibat secara terus dalam proses penyelidikan dan pembangunan (R&D) untuk produk Eskayvie.


Building the Brand with Passion & Dedication

Puan Kartika Wati Mohamed

Managing Director

With more than a decade in the market, the Eskayvie brand has been strongly becoming a household name among local communities. This achievement has to be credited to Puan Kartika Wati Mohamed, who is a constant inspiration and has taken the ‘Hot Seat’ at every Richworks Seminar - the largest Business and Marketing organisers in Malaysia.

She started off her career as a lawyer and has successfully built three strong law firms. With the establishment of Eskayvie in 2009, this self-made lawyer has gotten another feather in her hat through this health, beauty, and wellness portfolio. Using her 24 years of experience in brand building and business, Puan Kartika Wati Mohamed set the tone and pace of the company fuelled by a dynamic mindset to build Eskayvie on the whole.

Our Leadership

Leaders become great not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others

Two individuals cannot drive a brand like Eskayvie. With this in mind, Eskayvie relies on a select group of individuals to drive the business and brand forward. It is important that the individuals driving the business share the same passion, hunger, and mindset not only in the business sense but also in bringing wellness and making healthy lifestyle a focal point in daily living.

With that, we are proud to introduce the team of leaders that is directly drives the brand and messaging forward.

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