Products are clinically formulated by a highly certified doctor, our CEO himself, Dr Syid Ayob Syid Mustafa Al-Qudri.

19 May 2009, Eskayvie – a combination of the names of its two founders: Syid and Kartika as well as the French word Vie which translates to Life. As a company, Eskayvie is a manufacturer of wellness supplementary products with more than 10 years in the industry. Eskayvie has aided in increasing the quality of life among its users through an array of wellness based products.

The Malaysian government is forced to spend over RM2 billion in providing medical and wellness solution for Malaysians

Each Eskayvie product has been formulated by our founder himself, Dr Syid Ayob Syid Mustafa Al-Qudri.
He is an experienced medical doctor with 20 years in the field of modern medicine, alternative medicine, and anti-aging for him to call unto. He bears the enormous responsibility to share and spread the awareness to the people about the importance in having the strongest natural antibodies possible to protect ourselves against all kinds of sicknesses and diseases.


Empowering the Economy and Health of the Ummah


Enhancing quality of life, health, beauty and well-being through the production of high quality products and services oriented towards a continuous culture of innovation to achieve mutual satisfaction and success, through:

  • Consistency in applying natural resources through the latest research and development methods in producing high quality and competitive health and beauty products;
  • Commitment to produce quality and knowledgeable entrepreneurs whom will strive under this platform, increasing and strengthening their personal economy through ongoing comprehensive trainings at the Eskayvie Academy.
  • Providing full commitment and dedication to provide the best possible service and support in all aspects to meet the needs and requirements of our customers, to ensure that ESKAYVIE remains the top choice for improving quality of life;
  • Fostering a culture of self-improvement in an environment conducive for ESKAYVIE employees to be more productive and committed towards achieving a world-class mission of excellence and success; and
  • ESKAYVIE community belong in the concept of enriching their lives through the establishment of the ESKAYVIE Foundation.
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