Our principles and values are fuel that will propel our brand towards global standards

With more than a decade of experience in the manufacturing of beauty and wellness industry, we don’t take things for granted.

As a brand, we've put every ounce of thought and effort to create not only product for the betterment of the household but also value of which our company is built.

Logo Rationale

The aura emitted from the colour purple is personified as the main corporate colour of Eskayvie. Through the Eskayvie logo, the exclusive value is personified in a credible, elegant, and exclusive manner. The logo brings about indirect values that is the foundation of Eskayvie as a competitive, reliable, and a well prepared company that is driven to be a global leader in health and wellness.

Our Core Values are realised within our high quality, well-researched products coupled with the intense and globally innovative training and entrepreneural development through the Eskayvie Academy

Human Capital

We develop visionary human capital and talent and instil values such as discipline and a loyalty to our peers and company.

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We hold honesty, reliability, and responsibility at the highest standards as well as accountability for all our actions.


We adopt a positive mindset and back that up with equal positive and proactive actions fueled by an innovative sprit to drive excellence within ourselves and for the company.

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We strive to put our hearts towards the continous advancement and development of ourselves, our business, and the achievements of the company.


We are driven towards creating opportunities and successes to be shared in a supportive environment built on respect, tolerance, and dedication as a whole team.

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