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1 Bottle Phytax 500ml + 1 Box Reverse Capsule + 1 Box Diffenz

The synergistic combination of 12 natural phytonutrient extracts in Phytax together with Diffenz tablets which contain 4 highly nutritious ingredients, suitable for the whole family to help internal recovery and increase the body's resistance. Reverse Capsule also helps to support health, strengthen the body and highlight the feminine elegance.

The benefits of this set:
✔️ Helps to increase energy
✔️ Helps to increase body endurance
✔️ Helps to overcome mood swings
✔️ Anti cancer & Anti virus 
✔️ Skin beauty and youthful effect 
✔️ Protects the lungs

✔️ Helps to reduce the risk of metabolic disease
✔️ Helps in the production of healthy DNA
✔️ Helps in smooth menstruation and to overcome menstrual pain



Catogery: Health supplemen

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