100% Natural Ingredients

Heavy Metal Tested



KKM Certified


Botanical drinks from synergy blends 12 extracts of phytonutrients such as Grape Seed, Green Tea, Pine Bark, Pomegranate, Soursop, Cranberry, Blue Berry, Roselle, Tomato, Acai Berries, Green Algae and Mangosteen. To date, Eskayvie Phytax has been in the market for 5 years and is part of the daily juice of Malaysians!


Redianze Platinum is a delicious peach based beverage with a combination of Collagen and Astaxanthin. Improved formulation with AstaREAL P2AF - a patent material imported from Japan.


Nutrelle Extra is a multifiber beverage with a combination of alkaline ingredients such as spirulina, wheat grass, oat fiber, green tea extract and aloe vera. Contains prebiotics that promote the growth of good gut bacteria for the digestive system.


Exclusive coffee made from selected Arabica coffee beans with Smilax Myosotiflora and Sky Fruit. The ingredients are processed using Spray Dry technology to retain the aroma of natural coffee and herbs. Not only for men, women too can enjoy it without limitations.


Reverse is a Modern Herbal formulated specifically for women. Natural herbs from selected herbs such as Pueraria Mirifica, Labisia pumila and even Asparagus racemosus have been used traditionally by women for general health and to strengthen the body.

Our customer love us !

Pn. Anita


"Likes to sleep late, sweet drinks, fast food and no exercise. Unfortunately, my blood sugar levels have skyrocketed, leading to various complications. After consulting a doctor, I changed my lifestyle and practiced phytonutrients. It's getting better."

Pn. Latifah


"I fell down and broke my knees! I couldn't walk for years. It was torturous! Thankfully, after taking collagen, I can walk again."

En. Khamli

Public Transport Driver

"Obese body weight causes constant fatigue, frequent sleepiness and fast tireness. Thankfully, after changing diet and starting to exercise, I was able to lose weight the healthy way. In addition, with fiber intake and prebiotics."


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